Identity makes you strong and happy.

We believe that in a world of constant change, one’s own identity is the only significant advantage of brands and companies.

Only those who know who they are and have the courage to show this can optimally position themselves and sell themselves in the competition for specialists or in times of digital transformation. That’s why we help companies to formulate their identity and implement it 360° in all relevant media.

So give yourself something valuable: your own identity. We can help you.


  • Stefan Müller
    Stefan Müller CEO

    Direct & uncomfortable when needed. Cleanliness fanatics. Rotarian. Carnivalist. The Stan Lee of advertising.

  • Andreas Kremser
    Andreas Kremser Art Director

    Agency experienced designer & enthusiastic climbermax. Is afraid of the (computer) mouse and therefore always uses the graphics tablet. Creative & reliable. Painting secretly with MS Paint.

  • Deborah Hauk
    Deborah Hauk Graphics & design
  • Sebastian Gebhart
    Sebastian Gebhart Technology & Consulting
  • Niklas Guggenberger
    Niklas Guggenberger Web Development
  • Verena Warstat
    Verena Warstat Consulting & Project management
  • Peter Nitsche
    Peter Nitsche Project Management
  • Manuela Hüls
    Manuela Hüls Finance
  • Albano Toska
    Albano Toska Web Development

Selected Cases.

There are many ways to find and communicate your identity. Here are some of the most beautiful. Just have a look. If you have questions about the cases: Just call.